Saturday, April 17, 2010

Megan Morton

I had a look at Megan Morton's book in a bookshop this week. It's called 'Home Love: 100 Inspiring Ideas for Creating Beautiful Rooms':

I couldn't find any images from it to post, so here are some from the Design Files blog. I particularly love this Still Life After Caravaggio:

And the scullery in the lower photo. I have a thing for black pantries and kitchen shelves with white crockery at the moment:

This is a room in Megan's own home:

I love many of the images in her book, and recognise some from other books I have, such as the home of British designers Lisa Whatmough from Squint, and Atlanta Bartlett. The only reason I didn't buy it is the same reason I have for not buying Shannon Fricke's. I like to see whose houses the photographs are depicting. Design books from overseas do it, particularly those put out by publisher Ryland, Peters and Small, but for some reason, not so common in Australia. Then again, I might just buy it regardless.
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