Monday, October 25, 2010

My Changing Aesthetic

These images will no doubt surprise anyone who has looked at my blog over the last three years, due to the fact that the boatshed has a predominantly white colour scheme with a few pops of colour in pink and green. However, as has been evident in my recent posts, I've widened my horizons and started considering black timberwork and natural surfaces. I believe that these are compatible with white walls, and lend a bit of drama to a space that could otherwise be a bit bland. So, this week I've been a little adventurous in considering options I would perhaps not have previously considered. For instance, painting these once green-toned chairs black:

And getting excited about this old metal shelving:

The piece de resistance is this table that I found at the opshop yesterday. I thought that the best thing about it was that it only cost $5. Until I turned it over and saw that it was manufactured by Parker, an iconic Australian manufacturer whose furniture I love:

It does have a tiny gouge, but nothing that a bit of filler wouldn't fix:

It seemed sacrilegious to paint it white (or black), so purists will be happy. It stays as it is.


LittleDreamGirl said...

These look so exciting! I can't wait to see what you so with them :) x

Welcome to Beach Vintage said...

Hi Beth, came here from Catherine Shields. She insisted I visit. So glad I have. You have a new follower.

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