Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank You Shannon Fricke

While I was at Byron Bay, I spent a day at a decorating workshop held by Shannon Fricke at Bangalow. Meeting Shannon was inspirational. Even though she's extremely successful in the design world, she's very open and friendly. It was just like having a very stylish sister.The workshop was held in a beautiful restful space, where I met women from very different backgrounds all united by their desire to surround themselves and their loved ones in aesthetically pleasing environments:

Shannon's hard-working staff cooked a mouthwatering lunch:

Shannon's enthusiasm for design is contagious and she makes decorating look effortless:

There's nothing better than spending a day indulging your creative side by playing around with swatches, mood boards and tear sheets:

I would thoroughly recommend booking one of Shannon's workshops in 2011. Details are on her website.

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