Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Can't The Boatshed Look Like This?

Wouldn't it be lovely if my bathroom looked like these ones?

Or if I could do this with just a few odd chairs?

Or put a curtain round a bed and make it look like this?
Or drape a quilt just so?

Or have a kitchen in this particular shade of Wedgewood blue?

But then I'd have to be Twig Hutchinson, the stylist known for her past work for Toast:
Well at least I can visit her website whenever I need something beautiful to look at:

First four images from Apartment Therapy

Last six from Leah-The Inside Story blog


Camille said...

Goodness the blue on those cabinets is beautiful. I think stylists must have the best job in the world.

iheartsunnydays said...

Oh my - I LURVE the bath in front of the fireplace. If only I could borrow it just for the day :)

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

What a sweet blog you have - I love that you live in a divine! I'm a new follower and so happy to have found you.

This post is wonderful - love the photos you have selected.

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