Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is Anyone Else Loving Chrissie Jeffery's Home as Much As I Am?

As a longtime No Chintz shopper and fan of owner Chrissie Jeffery's interiors, I'm loving the latest Vogue Living feature on her Sydney home. And to add to the fun, the Vogue website juxtaposes the latest images with the apartment's previous incarnation in the magazine 6 years ago. This is the earlier article:

And here is how the home looks now:

The colour palate has changed from pinks and greens:

To predominantly blue tones. Some key pieces from the earlier shoot remain, such as the shelves in the dining room, but others have been altered, like the dining chairs which have been reupholstered and relocated:

The living room fireplace has undergone a change in colour, while the mirror above it remains, as do the two single armchairs:

The bedroom looks dramatically different, while retaining the chandelier and venetian mirror:

I uploaded images of the current magazine from the Vogue Living website, but unfortunately they are not able to be seen, so you'll have to buy a copy of the magazine.

Also, on the Vogue Living website you can participate in a survey as to which version of the apartment you prefer.

All images by Chris Court.
On another note, I've changed the look of my blog because I was a little bored with the header image. Hope you like it. x


beachcomber said...

love your new look!! i've always loved no chintz, these pics are inspirational.
cheryl x

Andrea said...

....nope, am more wowed by your new banner and your lovely room!!! :P

Comeca Jones said...

Very nice! I really love your new blog look!

vintageandart said...

Your new header is jawdroppingly (is that a word?) beautiful. l love Chrissie Jefferys home, and l confess to still having that first Vogue Living copy, sad arn't l. l notice the small amount of pinks and greens that she uses are much bolder now...though as you say the blues are the dominant colour, l hadn't seen these latest pics so it's wonderful of you to share them. Its equally as lovely now isn't it.

My life in the hills said...

Yep - I have been obsessed with the blue and white striped bedroom and that bedhead ever since that VL came out. We are actually colour matching that blue painting those stripes this weekend!

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