Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Greek Weekend

We've just returned home from a weeekend in Nelson Bay, where you could easily feel that you've magically been transported to the other side of the world to a Greek island. We stayed in the centre of town at the fantastic Oaks Lure. If you're so inclined you can cook up a storm in the spacious modern kitchen:

We were too busy being out and about to use it very much. We climbed Tomaree and looked down on what could be mistaken for an Aegean harbour:

We also did some boating:

And of course, eating. We ate oysters and calamari down by the marina:

We were also lucky enough to be invited by our Greek friends to a beautiful feast at their home. The food was fantastic, with lamb, steaks, rice, salads and garlic bread:

And no Greek party is complete without dancing:

Thank you Tass, Bob, Katherine and Chris for sharing your Greek paradise with us!


Chemin des Muguets said...

What fun! You did Greek dancing-did you break any plates? I understand that is a tradition too.



Iris said...

Looks like a rad time! Did you get up there by boat?!

Urban Flea said...

That looks so lovely! I wasn't able to go on vacation this summer, so it was nice to live vicariously through your images!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

beth said...

Marjorie, I asked about the plates but no one encouraged me x

Katherine, let's hope you get to go somewhere nice next summer x

beth said...

Iris, to get there by boat would take a few days. we just towed the ski-boat xxx

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