Sunday, November 1, 2009

Canister Collection

I couldn't resist the beautiful buttercup yellow and dove grey combination of these canisters I found at the op shop last week. The main reason they caught my eye is that they perfectly complement the 40s laminex on the benchtop:

It's like having my own little baboushka dolls fitting snugly inside each other. I even love the fact that 'Rice' is missing, as are the 'r' and the loop of the 'g' in sugar. These are signs that they've been well-loved and used by their previous owner:

They say that if you've got three or more of something you have a collection. I've got four sets of canisters now. The ones on the left are in the most beautiful colours - aubergine, rust, olive and eau-de-nil. The ones on the right are in classic 70s ochre and orange:

This white sugar canister has three others inside it. The lettering is fading, which is part of the attraction:

All I need now are some more shelves for my growing 'collection'.


Amanda said...

Love the cannisters - so cute! A lovely colour combination. In the last photo, is the small blue frame on the wall one that has little shells displayed in it? I think I've seen something similar made by an artist here in WA...

beth said...

Hi Amanda,

Yes it is. My sister bought it in north Queensland about 7 years ago.


tootlebug said...

Hi Beth, Im the Tootlebug person, if you would like to contact me about my kids clothing you can reach me at thank you for liking my label, and my blog..... I only just realised today that I had some comments on my blog.... I was o so excited... cheerio. Sue

Anonymous said...


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