Saturday, December 5, 2009

At the Bottom of Our Street

We've just spent a few days in Sydney and while I was there I got to thinking about the idea of being a tourist in your own town. So I decided to try and see the sights I was so familiar with through the eyes of a tourist. Our boat was moored at the bottom of our street, and looks quite good against the local harbourside parkland :

And against the backdrop of the city skyline:

We've just refurbished the interior so here's a peek. We had the cushions covered in a charcoal- coloured Warwick fabric and I made a curtain and cushions from some striped fabric from No Chintz:

Coming ashore at the jetty, you stumble across Bellevue, a gorgeous Victorian house. You can just make out the boat through the trees:

And here is a view of the Anzac Bridge from the shady front veranda:

Bellevue is owned by the City of Sydney and was restored a couple of years ago, but remains empty. I love the way they maintained the 'rough luxe' look by leaving the internal walls with layers of peeling paint like a palimpsest:

And close by is a secret garden, lovingly maintained by our friend Tass:

Seeing your city as a tourist certainly makes you appreciate your surroundings. I thoroughly recommend it.


Katherine Lee said...

Sigh... I'm in blizzarding Chicago right now, how I wish I was down under! Beautiful post!

xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

Iris said...

The boat look fantastic. You guys did an impeccable job, as usual :-)

And I love Bellevue! I'm so glad it's owned by the City of Sydney (and how cool that Tass does the gardens!).

the*pink*princess said...

Just found your blog!!! Love it!! And love your boat!

Lesley : )

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