Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feathers, Fur or Fins

Take your pick, we've got them all here. Yesterday I photographed these delightful ducks, who we call Daisy and Donald, in front of the boatshed:

As for fins, there are plenty of fish in the basin. And furry friends are everywhere. These curious creatures appear every couple of days. The keen kangaroos (Kevin and Katie?) come to the boatshed door when they're hungry:

As does Kramer, the friendly neighbourhood dog. Just like the crazy character from Seinfeld, this laid-back labrador lands on our doorstep every night before dinner, eager for treats:

With many thanks to Megan, who provided the inspiration for this post.


Flick, said...

How lovely to have all those visitors popping by, never a dull moment living in a boatshed by the water hey?? You lucky thing..

figtree kush said...

Wow, I have been away from the blogosphere for a while and have just caught up with your posts. Some really lovely images!

Amanda said...

You must wake up each morning and be so grateful for your beautiful boatshed and its glorious location. How lovely to have all those visitors popping by :)

somebody said...


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