Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luxe for Less

I haven't blogged for a while, due to that worst of all four-letter words: work. But, even though I'm now earning money, I'm on a budget because I'm saving for something. So, I still like to bag a bargain. A few weeks ago, I found this cute two-handled pot, which looks great on the top shelf in the boatshed:

It was at the op shop, and was the first thing I'd found there for ages. Unfortunately, I think the word is spreading that vintage is good, so the op shop is no longer the treasure trove it used to be. Anyway, something about this vase caught my eye. Maybe the shape or the colours:

Then, when I turned it over, I saw the name "John Campbell" and the year 1934. I realised it was much older than I had first thought, so I bought it for $8. When I got home, I googled John Campbell and found out that it is a Tasmanian pottery and the pots are reasonably valuable:

Then, last week, I saw this piece of furniture left on the street in Glebe. I grabbed it straight away, deciding it should look good painted white:

Then I went to one of my favourite stores, No Chintz and found the perfect handle for it:

So watch this space for the finished product - as soon as I get a chance to paint it. While I was there, I grabbed a bundle of remnants for $4. I love these fabrics and will make some patchwork cushions:


Amanda said...

Hi there Beth! I really like the shape of the little pot you bought. Can't wait to see what your do with the little table - love the pretty handle you bought! x

Flick, said...

It's nice to have you back! You have been busy finding all those goodies... I love your pot, and the remnants are always fun!
It's good to have a goal, something to save for, I hope it's going well.

Bexy said...

i really want a rumage around your dresser, i love the overall look...sooo chic. impossible to achieve in a new build flat :(

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