Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Last night even though there was a chill in the air, I went out onto the boatshed deck to look at the stars over the water. The Southern Cross was hanging there as it always does. Then I looked inside, and saw a cosy warm, bejewelled cavern:

Until then, I hadn't thought about how much I'll miss the boatshed while I'm away for the next few months. I'll also miss being able to cook and entertain. Last Saturday we had our friends Annabel and Peter to lunch. I wanted to do a vegetarian meze platter, so I made some risotto cakes with artichokes and lemon:

And some corn fritters with dill and coriander:

A rocket, pear, walnut and parmesan salad:

A white chocolate and raspberry tart:

Then put it together with some oven-roasted tomatoes, a beetroot, feta and mint salad, caponata and bread:

Little boatshed, I'll miss you:


The Moerks said...

Yum. Thanks for visiting and you lovely comments. Have I seen your boatshed in a magazine it is familiar in some way, and totally gorgeous!

Miss Sew & So said...

i would miss your lovely little boatshed to if i were you....love the feast & the tablecloth!!
melissa x

Sarah Eccleston said...

I would miss it too! But the good news is that I saw Rachel Ashwell yesterday and told her all about your boatshed... she said she will be in the London store until July 11th (her official opening of Shabby Chic is on Wednesday) and would be delighted to meet you if you are here before then, so pop on over.

Would be wonderful if you reach out when you are here for a coffee but either way, I wish you a wonderful trip. I, too, would very much miss that view and the boatshed.
Sarah x

beachhouse etc. said...

love all the food can you post the recipes please or email me???suzannepignato@mac.com...by the way i'm your newest follower...love your style ..suzanne

somebody said...


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