Sunday, May 30, 2010

Top Seven London Shops

In my previous post, I mentioned ten places I would be seeing in Paris when I'm there in a few weeks' time. What I didn't mention was that I'll be away for 3 months altogether in France, Italy and England. I'll try and blog as often as I can while I'm away. When I'm in London, these are the Top Ten places I hope to visit:

1. Story - I want to take up where my sad story left off two years ago, when I found that the only day of the week on which it was open, I was going to be 200 miles away:

2. Rachel Riley - last time, I lusted over the beautiful childrens' clothes and what was more, they were on sale. I didn't have a little person to by them for at the time, but I think I could find one now:

3. Caravan - Last time, it was closed while it relocated, so this visit is long overdue:

Image from Caravan website

Image from Oh Joy blogspot

4. Lisa Stickley - Last trip I hadn't even heard of this shop. Now, thanks to my Jeu de Paume books, I certainly have. I might pick up one of these table napkins:

Images from A Bloomsbury Life Blogspot

5. Anthropologie - Now that this great store has a branch in London, I'll be able to get my fix here instead of in the U. S.:

Images from Enhance the Everyday blog

6. Shabby Chic - this store should be open by then:

Images from Shabby Chic Website

7. The Cross - So far the only thing I've been able to afford is a white wooden letter E. But I'm determined to find something this time:


Sarah Eccleston said...

Hi Beth, I live just 1 minute from The Cross and love your style of stores that you will be checking out. From your blog, I think you will also like this shop, which is just a 10-minute walk away on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill:

and then a few doors up from Brissi is Daylesford Organic, which has a homewares section that I think you will also enjoy.

Hope you like these places too... feel free to ping me when you are over and I would love to buy you a coffee. Sarah

Sarah Verity - Verandah Home+Garden Living Solutions said...

Hi Beth
What is the website/ address for The Cross - my sister lives in the UK so I can send her along to look for me!
Thanks - hope you have a wonderful time away!
Sarah x Palatial Llving

somebody said...


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