Saturday, May 1, 2010


I know the rule - when you buy something, you should get rid of something else. However, while I've been enthusiastically pursuing the former, I haven't done the latter for quite a while. So, having spent $23 at the Opshop the other day, and as a consequence bringing home this shoe last which will be the defining piece of a tablescape:

And a wire basket that will look great hanging in the kitchen:

A beautiful sugar bowl:
And creamer:

I had to find somewhere for them to live. The boatshed was bursting at the seams so I decided to do a little editing. But how to work out what had to go?For a while I'd been wanting a neutral palette on my dresser. So I just took off everything that was coloured. Here's what remained. It has much cleaner lines now:

And shows off similar objects in rows:

It also brings together unlike objects under the neutral colour scheme:

And the coloured bowls, dishes, glasses etc? They are now filling a large crate and bag in a safe place elsewhere, waiting till I have a market stall or shop, or decide to bring them back in from the cold after I tire of neutrals. I had such fun, now I want to edit the rest of the boatshed. Maybe I'll leave that for another day.


Tina said...

Wow Beth, your new neutral colour scheme on your dresser looks gorgeous! I would love to get around to doing something similar. Love your shoe last too, I am a huge fan and always keep my eye out for them:) Enjoy your new treasures ~ Tina x

A-M said...

I did a double take... a magazine shot or your kitchen? Just beautiful editing! A-M xx

somebody said...


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