Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sibella Does it Again

Yesterday was the opening of Sibella Court's new collection at her Paddington store, Society Inc. Her description of the collection reads:

"The flags that flew & tattered through strong winds, relentless storms, high seas and all the wildness of the ocean. . . A world of seashanties, sailmaking, mapping of unchartered coastlines & new lands, portlandings & pirating. . . who can resist the well-loved colours of my favourite flags: the Union Jack, Southern Cross & Tri-colour".

Regrettably, I wasn't able to be there yesterday. I had to content myself with the cover of the May 2010 Australian Country Style magazine, which Sibella styled. Sorry it's difficult to see, but it ticks all the boxes for me: pink and blue palette; beautiful blue quilt, gorgeous French furniture, rose petals, and cat:

To cheer myself up further, I pored over the eye-candy on Design Sponge's blog entry from February, which gives a sneak preview of Sibella's home above the shop. How gorgeous are this pirate flag from John Derian, the chaise and sailing-boat cushion:

The blue quilt from the Country Style shoot, and Vivienne Westwood cushion:

This amazing kitchen, with so many shapes and textures all in a neutral palette:

I want these shelves please:

This is the cabinet in the shop with, I think, the bright colours of "Seeds", her previous collection which opened in February:

I may not have been there in person yesterday, but I certainly was in spirit.
Images Courtesy of Design Sponge Blog and Australian Country Style.


Flick, said...

That sounds fab! And I really love that library wall too... I would do almost anything to have one in my next home!! You cheered me up too... thanks!
:) Flick

cheryl said...

i've been to the shop..amazing & so full of interesting all the nautical stuff!

Leigha said...

Oh, I had forgotten about that great post from Design Sponge. Thanks for the lovely reminder!

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