Sunday, August 15, 2010

On the Road

Even though my time in London was limited, I managed to cram in some culture, including this eerily life-like reconstruction of Churchill's underground shelter at the Cabinet War Rooms:

And Cy Twombly at the Tate Modern - it looks like blood, but is about Bacchus, so it's wine:

Then Yinka Shonibare's "Ship in a Bottle" at Trafalgar Square:

Which is so amazing, Í had to get a closeup:

The gowns at the "Grace Kelly - Style Icon" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert:

And this awesome installation of speakers producing sound from a vacuum-cleaner-operated pianola at the Saatchi Gallery:

Now we're in the countryside, having opted for a quieter life in our motor home for the next six weeks:

It's very spacious, with all the comforts of home. Not having been in a motor home before, I was a bit nervous, but now I'm thoroughly enjoying it:

 I could really get used to this life:

1 comment:

allison tait said...

I am so jealous! i have a real thing for motor homes - which would probably disappear the moment I had to reverse park one. I hope your travels are smooth and gorgeous.

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