Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've been in London for almost a week but unfortunately have not been able to do much, due to having to correct proofs for a book which will hardly sell any copies. However, I did manage a quick trip to Spitalfields, which is one of my favourite places here, as I love Brick Lane and Spitalfields Markets. I had a very yummy pizza with chorizo, caramelised onion, buffalo mozzarella and mushrooms at Story Deli:

Story Deli is owned by Ann Shore, who used to also have a shop nearby called Story, which many fellow bloggers would have heard of. I tried to visit Story two years ago and found it only opened on the one day I could not go there. This year I went again to find it closed, this time permanently. Luckily, she has relocated her stock to the back of Story Deli so I got to see it anyway:

Story Deli is very cool, especially these mirrors:

Then I went to visit another store which had also been closed last time and hurray it was open. This is Emily Chalmers's 'Caravan' which I couldn't get any photos of but this is her website. And she was actually in the shop! I love her book 'Flea Market Style' and was quite starstruck. She has lots of very sweet homewares such as ceramic animals, snowdomes and vintage floral cushions. Unfortunately I have issues with my suitcase already being overweight, so I bought a card and fled the premises.

Grace Kelly at the V&A tomorrow then I reluctantly leave this great city.

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allison tait said...

What a wonderful day. I love London. Lived there for a few years a few years ago. Still miss it. Enjoy Grace Kelly!

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