Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recycled Art

Two of my New Year's resolutions are currently shaping the look of the boatshed. The first is that due to lack of storage I need to start using things. The second is to try and limit the number of objects in the boatshed which are newer than forty years old. Both of these resolutions have been supported by the two market stalls I have had. While searching my storage space for usable things, I came across these pieces of art which I found at the op shop a few years ago but didn't put up on the wall at the time. I consider this art deco mirror an art work because of its lovely scallop shell shape:

The frame of this oil painting was quite hideous and detracted from it, so I took it off:

This bird is print is a real favourite of mine. I love the frame and the bright colours:

This print of two sisters is my absolute favourite. It looks very old and the frame is beautiful:

The days when I could pick up so many treasures at the op shop are long gone. I think I found the bottom three in the one day. I still pay a visit every so often just in case.

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