Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spreading the (Cushion) Love

Remember this cushion I made a few weeks ago?

I decided the fabric would look better in another setting, so here it is looking very different on a chair from Ikea in a city apartment:

I put another one on the couch in the apartment:

I was so happy with the result I made another, larger one, which is perfect for this 70s chair in an 1890s house:

And one for the bed, which lifts the white bed-linen. Fairly economical considering all four cushions came from three metres of material:

Remember these ones that I made from some Ici et La fabric?

They have found new homes in the 1890s house:

I think they look great on the dark timber of these chairs, don't you?

And with a bit of leftover fabric, I covered a chair cushion for the bedroom:

Oh, I almost forgot, I made a cushion for a chair in the house above the boatshed as well:

These last four came from one metre of fabric!

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