Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's All About the Food (Apart From the Art Of Course)

One of the things I'll really miss when we leave Cortona is the food. For the last two nights we've been to 'La Grotta' which is mentioned in the 'Under the Tuscan Sun' books. Here is the mixed crostini I raved about in a previous post:

This dish is something I've never tasted before and am never likely to again. It's a type of ravioli made with zucchini flowers and is just heaven:

This was scallopini with porcini mushrooms and a souffle of melanzane (eggplant) which was scrumptious (sorry I'd eaten most of it before I remembered the photo):

And of course, one can't leave Cortona without buying some Vinsanto and Panforte:

Also, I'd just like to apologise to anyone who's been generous enough to offer a comment on my posts. Due to the nightmare-ish situation regarding the internet in some towns (ranging from no internet whatsoever through no USB port on computers (!) to computers simply crashing in the middle of a post), I find I don't have much time on the road for responding to comments. As ever, they're much appreciated.


Villa Anna said...

Oh wow that ravioli dish does look divine! I would be the heaviest woman in the world I fear if I lived in Italy lol. I have a terrible weakness for pasta and cheese and all that yummy stuff lol.

Anna :)

beth said...

HI Anna,
Thanks for the comment. You can imagine the problems I´m having trying to resist temptation over here :)

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

oh my goodness........you are making me sooooo hungry and it's only 9.30 in the morning !

Anonymous said...


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