Friday, July 2, 2010

The Chateau

After we left Arcachon, we stopped overnight near Perigueux at the Chateau Des Reynats, which we stumbled across two years ago. We had dinner on the terrace overlooking the pool:

Firstly we had apperitifs with olives, some kind of purple potato chips, and parmesan-coated cashews. I had never tried Pastis, so I did:

We chose the 39 Euro menu, which was great value. First came the amuse-bouche of melon soup with froth, served with cheese biscuits:

Then mushroom custard/soup which was delicious. Around the side of the plate were summer truffles, which have a much subtler flavour than the black ones:

The main course was sea bream with a beetroot terrine:

Then came the cheese platter complete with jams such as fig or blackcurrant:

Dessert was strawberry sorbet accompanied by marinated strawberries, into which were dipped these little cakes with green tea on top. Sounds unusual but tastes great. Then, to finish, was the apricot and passionfruit juice, with shortbread topped with mango puree:

It was a beautifully tasting culinary adventure. The waiters are lovely - we remembered two of them from our last visit. Hopefully we'll come back next year.

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