Friday, April 1, 2011

Peppergreen Antiques

Last weekend, we went for a drive to one of my favourite stores, Peppergreen Antiques, at Berrima, in the NSW Southern Highlands:

They had some lovely antique French grain sacks:

And I love the way everything is displayed in old haberdashery cabinets:

The sense of order is one of my favourite things about the store. These soup tureens look lovely grouped together:

As does this Johnson tableware grouped by colour:

I was tempted by the French monogrammed sheets:

But in the end, I splurged on a grain sack, which is now being used as a cushion in the boatshed:


beachcomber sydney australia said...

how cute..just your style. i love berrima too!
cheryl x

Leah - The Inside Story said...

I also love Peppergreen. Love the old books and cutlery and linen and the whole setup. Leahxx

Camille said...

If only that store weren't so far away...

My life in the hills said...

I could move in there and be very happy! Love the haberdashery cabinets.

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