Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ugly Ducklings and Beautiful Things

I'd seen these poor stools in the op shop a few times but had decided that, even at $1 each, they were beyond redemption. Then I started to take a bit more notice and, ignoring the hideous vinyl cover stapled to the top, I realised that the metal legs had a nice shape. So I prised back the vinyl on one of them, and saw red leather. I paid my $2 and liberated them:

I see one of my missions in life as rescuing such ugly ducklings and trying to make them beautiful, not always successfully. In this case it was easy. The red leather is gorgeous and just required a bit of stitching:

This little cupboard was also $1. I loved the wheels, handle and shabby cream paint, but hated the chipboard which had been roughly screwed on top:

A clean and a bit of black paint and it looks a lot better, don't you think?

Now I have somewhere to store my glasses:

These lovely jars, on the other hand, didn't require any work. They are beautiful in their simplicity. Three of them have labels under glass, which is very exciting, and they all have their stoppers. I was quite amazed to see apothecary jars at an op shop. I have always wanted some but was not prepared to pay exhorbitant prices. At $13 each, these were a bargain:

As was this grey and white striped jug which, along with two identical but larger ones, was only $4:

P.S. Thank you to everyone who supported my previous two posts. It was not my intention to cause worry for the wrong people, but I inadvertently did. So, after careful consideration I have deleted the posts.


michelle said...

Great finds! I love the stools. I like that you liberated them!! ;)

Desire Empire said...

Very pretty finds. The little shop that sells all this stuff seems incredibly reasonable. The jars were an absolute coup.
Best Carolyn

Naturally Carol said...

Great finds..just shows though that it pays off to look a bit further into some things!

Raymonde Savoie said...

I love the cabinet but the apothecary jars are just adorable! Good on you for digging up these treasures!

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