Monday, April 25, 2011


Over Easter here at the boatshed, we've been cleaning out a detached shed, which contains a couple of generations' worth of stuff. Here's what I found and have upcycled. A metal watering can and two little terracotta pots for herbs:

An oar and a prawning net:

Another prawning net and an old wooden crate:

This white flaking wooden box with odds and ends:

Which, when emptied and cleaned up, looks great on top of my new (old) cupboard:

As a repository for my odds and ends - French postcards, napkins and tarnished old cutlery:

It's amazing what you can unearth in an old shed.

P.S. Thank you for all your kind comments about my book. Here is the link to the publisher's blurb:


Naturally Carol said...

Amazing how something can be junk one day and a treasure the next..they are totally just the look you need in your boatshed!

michelle said...

I love finding things around the house that I forgot I had! These are beautiful and I love how you have used them in your decor. :) I went into our shed yesterday and found a bunch of old pots that I can use as soon as it stops raining!! :)

Andrea said...

Reading the book blurb for your, smart cookie hiding under that big floppy hat :).

Meanwhile, once again - loving your finds!

by Teresa said...

Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love where you live! I am a sailor and would love to live right on the water. I hope you pop over and see my latest post, we spent 4 days at the beach and I got some neat pix of lighthouses.

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