Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work In Progress

Remember this post about my proposed kitchen renovation? Well, it's been coming along slowly. This was how it looked at the time:

I finally visited Freedom and bought this kitchen island:

Along with a couple of these:

And here is how it looks at the moment:

I had originally planned to paint the entire wall behind the sink in chalkboard paint, but instead I just made a blackboard with one of these frames:

I had also planned on painting the cupboard doors white, but I'm leaving them at the moment because I'm not sure. The next step is to paint the tiles white. I've also had one of these ugly stools re-covered and ...

Voila! I'm pretty happy with the result:


Maison de lin said...

Hello, it's looks already very good.

Greetings from Belgium

Naturally Carol said...

I like your kitchen island thingy! I think your cupboards would look great in white, especially if you're doing your tiles.

Camille said...

Hi Beth. I wish we lived near each other. I find such inspiration from you.
The chalkboard, the recovered stool, the new stools you bought? I love them ALL!

And you know what? I hear you on the cabinets. I kind of like them in their dark finish...but maybe the indecision come from color choices?

michelle said...

Love the new island and stools and I love how your other stool turned out!! You have a great kitchen!

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