Monday, February 18, 2008

Grandma Chic Deconstructed

Now, if I understand it, vintage laminex benchtops, silver spoons and bone-handled knives,

Etched glasses and vintage plates,

Mismatched cups and saucers,

A floral curtain across a cupboard,

A patchwork quilt,

A vintage tablecloth made into a cushion,

A chair cushion made out of vintage fabric,

Mismatched florals on the cushions and sofa,

A floral teacup and saucer, and a rolled up pink and white crocheted rug,

should all add up to one chic grandma.


figtree kush said...

Gorgeous images! Now it is all coming together beautifully.

Bexy said...

i love the bone handled cutlery and the plates with those divine pears in such good colours. my mum has all mygrandmas stuff in her kitchen and it makes me jealous but i'm going across country again for a visit so i might half inch some of them!
only problem... boyfriend HATES grandma chic and he thinks i'm weird for not wanting to buy everything new. god knows what he'll make of 3rd hand knives and forks. a 2nd hand mirror nearly finished him off! ;)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Is this your place?
If it is you are one chic Grandma

fleur-de-lys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fleur-de-lys said...

I love those etched glasses! Now you're ready to be a real grandmother ;-)

beth said...

Bexy, you're so lucky your mother saved your grandma's things :)

beth said...

ATBAB, Two of the images are from the boatshed, and the rest are from a place I sometimes stay at. I'm not really a grandma, I just like the stuff :)

somebody said...


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