Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Quiltful of Memories

Contrary to the image of the boatshed that's apparent in most of the photos on this blog, the weather over the last few days has been abysmal. This has resulted in a) a boatshed cleanup and b) an unwillingness to venture outside into the torrential rain. This combination proved quite serendipitous, because in cleaning out the small amount of storage here, I found my bag of old fabrics and decided to make a (small) patchwork quilt for a throw. I call it my 'op shop' quilt, because it's almost entirely made up of patches cut from old dresses and tablecloths from the local op shop, such as the blue Liberty tana lawn and pinkish faux-Liberty floral. The 70s blue and white is from a tablecloth and the olive and orange print from a child's dress. You can also make out a faded green satiny stripe and a pale rose pink satin. These are quite old and come from the two under layers of one of the chairs I restored a few weeks ago. I pulled it all together with the rhubarb-pink leftovers from a cushion I made recently.


justimagine said...

HOW B E A U T I F U L clever clever girl !!!! Just lovely !!!

Elizabeth said...

Came to you blog via your kind comments about Morocco.
Your blog is very chic and charming.
I will have to come back to read more.
All best wishes.

My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for visiting - I put a link up to your blog too. The quilt is great - a very positive outcome to the lousy weather. I love vintage aprons too. Great blog.

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