Friday, August 28, 2009

I Am So Not a Food Stylist Either

Even though my kitchen facilities are a little limited, I don't let it stop me cooking almost every day. While we were on our Queensland trip, we ate a few too many cooked breakfasts and drank a little too much sauvignon blanc. Since we got back three weeks ago I've been trying to be healthier. Luckily our great friends in England, Frank and Ro, gave us this fantastic book for Christmas. Thanks, guys:

Over the past week, I've been cooking up several dishes that are so delicious you don't realise you're being healthy. The first one I tried was Moroccan Lamb with Coriander Quinoa. I didn't have any quinoa so I used couscous. It contains digestive tonics like turmeric, ginger and apricots, and fresh coriander and parsley:

My Le Creuset casserole dish - one of my few culinary investments:

It is here that it becomes obvious that I'm not a food stylist. But who cares about presentation when it's just the two of us and the food's so good:

The next day I tried the Carrot and Sweet Potato soup which has lots of antioxidants:

This dip is particularly scrumptious - Healthy Heart Houmous, which adds sun-dried tomatoes and char-grilled capsicums to the usual chickpea mix:

The Three-Seed Muesli made such a huge amount it will last for many breakfasts. It has sunflower, sesame and hazelnut seeds and tastes delicious with vanilla yoghurt and banana:

It just goes to show you don't need a gourmet kitchen to turn out delicious, healthy food. But maybe I could work on my presentation a little.


pabennetts said...

All of those meals look delicious! I would especially love a bowl of your soup now to warm me up in this wintry weather. I was looking at some Le Creuset casserole dishes this morning at The Kitchen Warehouse. Do you find yours useful?

Iris said...

Mmmmmmm, that all looks very good, lady!

And I'm getting my old Le Creuset pangs looking at your gorgeous blue one...although a French oven would be wasted on a vegetarian :-(

figtree kush said...

Never fear, Iris, I put the French oven to good use for lots of our vegetarian dishes.
And Beth, you really need to try the superfood quinoa (I'm having leftovers for lunch now!) It's totally different to couscous. You should find it in the supermarkets, but I picked up some organic quinoa at the Nut House (or Nuts and Deli Hut as they will).

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