Friday, August 28, 2009

I Don't Really Mind That I Don't Have a Gourmet Kitchen

This post was prompted by my recent wanderings through Blushing Hostess's blog, with its elegance and grace and lovely china. It has made me realise that I will never achieve that standard of culinary excellence. The boatshed kitchen contains cabinetry that is either home-made or 50 years old. The stove is second-hand and has also reached its half-century. The fridge is about ten years old and fairly compact:

I don't mind a bit of old-world charm. The stove still gets the job done. And I like the bench-tops that Warren made, and the coffee machine and knife block:

And best of all, when I'm standing in the kitchen, this is what I look out at:

So wherever you're cooking, bon appetit:


Chemin des Muguets said...


If I was envious before, I really am now. Your view is incredible.

Cheers girl,


Hat said...

you live in a boatshed?! I live in a boat AND a shed, no lie! Well a 'houseboat' and 'cabin'

蕭敬騰Alex said...

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somebody said...


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