Friday, January 1, 2010

Duck Pancakes

I made one of my favourite dishes the other night - duck pancakes. I found a recipe in which everything is made from scratch:

Feeling very keen and energetic, I mixed up the pancake dough. Then after it rose for an hour, I rolled the pancakes out very thinly (about two dozen of them):

As time went on, I realised there was no way I had the energy to cook the duck. So I found the next best thing - a pre-cooked one:

I had just enough energy reserves to chop some cucumber and shallots, and shred the duck:

Then I topped it off with some Hoisin sauce:

Time taken - quite a bit. Taste - worth every minute:

Recipe from the All Asian Cookbook by Jackie Passmore.


Tina said...

Fantastic job Beth! Brings back lovely memories of late night dinners in Sydney's Chinatown (pre-kids and pre-move to the country)! You have inspired me to find some kind of duck and give this a go! Thanks for sharing :)

Flick, said...

Wow, you are dedicated to have made the pancakes! I haven't had those in years and now I am craving them!!

beth said...

The pancakes were certainly worth the effort. I'm craving them now just reading your comments :)

somebody said...


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