Friday, January 15, 2010

Perfect Print

I've just spent two long-awaited days in Sydney, taking in the Sales. I went to one of my favourite stores, Ruby Star Traders and found this bag on sale. I just loved the bird print and grabbed it straight away:

In a case of overkill which is typical of me, I then couldn't resist a cushion cover in the same print. If I keep them apart from each other, maybe people won't notice I've overdone it. The cushion might have to stay outside for a while:


Tina said...

Beth, I love love love Ruby Star Traders! Your bag and cushion are gorgeous:) You are a bad influence (in the nicest possible way:)!!!). I feel I really need to plan a shopping trip to Sydney, I miss all of my favourite shops and I will have to fit in those Peking Duck Pancakes from Chinatown whilst I'm there! Enjoy your gorgeous lovelies :)-Tina x

Bexy said...

i really think your dresser is lovely, all your treasures look beautiful grouped together x

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