Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Things

Well, not really new - pre-loved. The little salt cellar complements the canister set I already had, and they both look suit the 1950s laminex:

I love the shade of buttery yellow of this Johnson Bros Goldendawn cream jug:

This tablecloth in pale pinks and greens with white is the perfect size for the table on the lawn:

It depicts faded tea-pots and tea caddies:

All for the grand total of $5.50.


Tina said...

Oh my goodness Beth - you always have the best finds! Love them all, especially the little jug. Thanks for sharing your new treasures. Enjoy them! - Tina x

Amanda said...

Great finds Beth!! I love the little cream jug x

PaintLover said...

Jonhson Brothers!! I have been collecting some of this range and actually have the small tureen in the golden dawn. Although, I got that set for $15!! What a bargain your things were!

somebody said...


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