Friday, January 11, 2008

My Anthropologie Story

Just thought I'd show some images of things I've got in the boatshed that I bought at Anthropologie that I think are really lovely. Being Australian, I'd never heard of Anthropologie until I was in Los Angeles in July 2005. I'd gone out on a bus (!) to Santa Monica to find the Shabby Chic store (I know, not very cool, but I didn't know at the time). While I was out there looking for SC, I stumbled into this store that I thought was absolute heaven, and found out it was called Anthropologie. The things I bought were: the pink and green bowls, the pink photo frame, the little peach and olive photo album and the blue floral magazine holder. I then proceeded to take them on a 6 week trip to Europe with me, and they arrived back in Australia completely unscathed! I loved Anthropologie so much that I also went to the store in New York and bought some clothes and tea towels. I've been seeing a few blog posts lately about Anthropologie that give me hope that 1) it still exists and it wasn't a figment of my imagination, and 2) I may get back there at some time in the future. I wish we had one in Australia.


Suzy said...

From a fellow aussie that is addicted to Anthropologie, it does exist! - check it out - they don't deliver to Australia, but through you can still get your fix. Enjoy!

Anna Spiro said...

This is such a familiar story to my first Anthropology experience! My husband and I went to LA in August 06 and we stayed in Santa Monica. I went out shopping on our first day there while my husband slept off his jet lag. I stumbled into exactly the same store as you in Santa Monica - I was blown away! I had never heard of it before either. I went back 5during our week long stay there - I just wish they shipped to Aus but I see from Suzy's comment that I should visit!! Thanks for bringing back memories for me!!

sharls said...

I too am a fellow Aussie who LOVES Anthropologie and hopes that some day a store will open in Australia. I have been in contact with their head office and they will be shipping to Australia towards the end of this year. In the meantime I look forward to being able to order onlin via

Kim said...

Hey there- I'm an artist in the US, and my favorite store is Anthropologie! I know this is a weird question, but I have a company here called Kim Sun Designs, and I make hand-tooled, vintage-inspired leather belts and cuffs.
I love your blog and your aesthetic, and was wondering if you know of any stores in Australia that I could approach to wholesale with?
Just this past week, I have sold 4 squirrel belts to Aussies, and would love to hear more about the craft movement in Australia.

Thanks so much-
Kim Long
Kim Sun Designs

Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

Update - Anthropologie is online AND delivers to Australia. I got my wedding boots from there. :)

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