Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sam Robinson

I've finally worked out how to scan, so have posted some images related to my favourite design inspiration, Sam Robinson. She has The Cross boutique in London's Notting Hill, which is just beautiful. I like the way she starts with a white palette, and then combines a whole lot of colours, generally pinks, reds and yellows. Everything looks very bohemian and girly. I particularly like the painted blue jug, Chinese lantern, yellow throw, rugs and mirrors. She also has amazing artwork. The four photos at the bottom are from an article about her Notting Hill home in the December 06 edition of (Australian) Home Beautiful magazine (sorry about the quality). The four above those are of her previous home - a flat in Notting HIll - from my newly-arrived and long-desired copy of London Interiors (Taschen). It's interesting that, though the photos were taken several years apart, certain objects appear in both photo spreads, and the colour palette remains quite similar. Thank goodness.


Anna Spiro said...

Oh Beth these photos are gorgeous - so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Bexy said...

have you ever been to the cross?
if not.
get yourself to london sharpish - it's an amazing place. i used to go there like i go to a gallery. i just loved to look even when i couldnt afford to buy.
that amount of chic can't possibly be possible!

somebody said...


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