Friday, January 25, 2008

My Extra-Special Birthday Present

Barb McMahon from May December Home unwittingly tagged me on my birthday yesterday! So that takes care of one of the seven random things I have to tell about myself - my birthday's the 25th January. Now for the other six:

2). I have spoken to Mel Gibson (O.K., so I was a hotel receptionist and he enquired at the desk, but I think that still counts)
3). When I'm not blogging, I'm meant to be working on a PhD thesis. You can see what a priority it has in my life.
4). I live in a boatshed, but I only venture into the water for a swim once a year - I prefer to look at it rather than immerse myself in it.
5). I got married on a beach in a Colette Dinnigan dress and thongs (designer of course).
6). I spent six years of my childhood having piano lessons and have never touched a piano since.
7). My favourite film is Something's Gotta Give.

So, even though I have no idea how this works, I have to tag seven other people. Apologies if you have previously been tagged:
1). Iris of La Fee Verte
2). Kate of Glenesk Studio
3). Rosina of Pottering About
4). Jen at My 33 People
5). Just imagine
6). Mary at Blue Mountains Mary
7). Bexy at What Makes Me Tick

I hope I've done this right - it's a bit nerve-wracking!!


Jen said...

Ok, ok, I'll do it. If you want to read it, check my blog later on today.

Oh and HAPPY Birthday!!!! : )

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks for playing! Hope you had a really happy birthday!

justimagine said...

oooh thanks for the tag....I hope I know 7 more people to send it to .....I'll do it now !

Potter & Co. said...

Oh Beth a huge happy birthday for the 25th of Jan!

fleur-de-lys said...

Gosh darnit, I don't know any other bloggers! But I'll do it as a belated birthday present for you x

Anonymous said...


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