Sunday, July 6, 2008

It´s Still About the Food....

I had thought that after the food in Spain, Italy and France, I would be ´fooded-out´. But that was before I found KaDeWe here in Berlin. This seven-storey department store is almost a century old and was originally called ´Kaufhaus Des Westens´:

After wandering around the baby clothes department, I found myself on the gourmet food floor, ordering a Currywurst, which a nice man recommended as the specialty of Berlin. It is, as one would imagine, a sausage with lots of ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder, and is absolutely delicious with a cold beer:

Then, I wandered around the rest of the vast floor. Forget Harrod´s Food Hall, Fortnum and Mason´s or any other foodie heaven of your acquaintance. This is huge. You could spend hours just wandering around looking, which I did. There´s an oyster bar, lobster bar, antipasto, pasta, Asian bars, schnitzel, and of course chocolate and desserts. Also, I´ve never seen so much meat of different kinds in one location, and all beautifully presented:

When I say serious food, I mean serious:

I can´t wait to go back there on Tuesday. Then, today I tried another Berlin specialty in a bar. Believe it or not, it´s raspberry flavoured beer, and once again, absolutely delicious:

Finally, for those of you who think I´m only here for the food, here´s some cool art. It´s called ´Molecule Man´ by Jonathon Borofsky, and is in the river near our apartment:
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