Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Scandinavian Style

I've been feeling like I've been driving around inside an Ikea catálogue for the past few days, so thought I´d check out the real thing. And I found that the Ikea store near here has some really lovely things, like this chair from the 'Stockholm' range:

This lighting effect:

And this circular bed:

I also visited a store called Nordiska Galeriet. No words need be spoken:

Whether you´re a fan of these jewel-like colours, or prefer a white palette, it was all there:

Today we drove to a pretty little town on the water called Vaxholm, which has lovely pastel weatherboard buildings, one of which is a Marimekko store:

This is the town´s hotel, where we had lunch:

The traditional Swedish dish of marinated herring with potatoes and dill was delicious:
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