Friday, July 11, 2008

Karen Blixen´s House

This post is for my sister Kate who, earlier this year, showed me a magazine photograph of this beautiful verandah floor:

It´s in the Karen Blixen Museet at Rungstedlund, on the coast about half an hour north of Copenhagen. This is the house where the writer of such works as 'Out of Africa' and ´Babette´s Feast' lived before and after her seventeen years in Africa:

The grey and white checked floors are gorgeous and, besides the verandah, which I could only photograph through a window, are limited to the two entry halls:

The rest of the house is just as stunning, with French and Scandinavian pieces which travelled with Karen to and from Africa:

Karen always had fresh flowers in the house, a tradition which is still carried on today:

This room, overlooking the yachts in the little harbour, is where Karen wrote in the summertime. The checks of the rug combine with the reflection of the checked floor in the hallway:

Not only was the house amazing, so is the story of this woman, who endured much personal tragedy and wrote so beautifully.


j u s t i m a g i n e said...

wow what a trip you are having !!! Fantastic.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ooh, thanks so much for posting these photos. I have always wanted to see her home.

My Notting Hill said...

So lovely, thanks for sharing this. Since our trip we have the travel blug and are contemplating a trip to Scandinavia next June. Looking forward to see where you go after Denmark.

beth said...

Hi guys,
I'm glad you love Karen Blixen as much as I do. And those floors are quite spectacular aren´t they?

Anonymous said...


Andrea said...

How wonderful to have seen her house. I have a copy of her book in german....always meant to read it, never quite got the guts to do so. But merryl streeps voice saying "I had a farm in Aaaarrfrika" came to me as soon as I saw the words Karen maybe I should read it soon!

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