Monday, October 3, 2011

A Story in White

When I was in London last year, 3 Redchurch St, London, was the site of Caravan, Emily Chalmers's shop. Now, Caravan is in the process of being relocated and in its place is Story Deli, which I last visited in Dray Walk. Here is Story in its latest incarnation:

I was the only customer there this afternoon. As it's only been in this location for three weeks and has a branch for a sign, word of its opening may not have spread as yet. The pizzas are lovely (I had one last year). I wanted to order Alby's Aubergino: roasted aubergine, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, tomato passata, oregano and garlic. However, I'd already eaten lunch so I settled on possibly the best brownie I've ever eaten:

But who am I kidding? The main reason I was there was for the decor. And it didn't disappoint. A veritable symphony of white furniture, all weathered, chipped and peeled. Such as this chair:

And this stool:

The lovely fireplaces:

And this gorgeous centrepiece made from a wire lamp shade frame:

Even the windows are beautiful:

And the mirror in the bathroom has just the right amount of wear:

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