Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer Boatshed Projects

Lately I've been a little bit "over" a couple of pieces of furniture in the boatshed because the timber was a bad shade of brown - namely this stool I covered in Amy Butler fabric:

And this glass-topped table:

So, last week, I finally had time to haulthem outside to be repainted:

Now that that wrong shade of brown stain has been painted over, I love them:

Another project was sewing cushion covers. Just looking at them makes me feel summery:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Upcycled Cushion Love

During my recent stay at The White House at Daylesford, I fell in love with Lyn Gardener's beautiful French linen cushions:
She has loads of them all over the place and they look so understated and elegant.Unfortunately when I've seen them for sale they are way outside my budget. So I upcycled a teatowel and voila!:

While not as professional or gorgeous as those at The White House, I'm quite pleased with my cushion that began life as a teatowel.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Love This Book

My lovely friend Belinda gave me a copy of this book a few days ago. It's compiled by Frankie, which I think is a great magazine:
The book provides plenty of interiors which have a vintage, eclectic style, such as the Vintage Espresso cafe at Mermaid Beach, Australia:

I love the combination of vintage fabrics and wallpapers in the home of Tif Fussell, who is behind the Dottie Angel blog:
This is the London flat of Barny and Becky who own The Peanut Vendor store:
But my favourite images are from the house and shop of Emily Chalmers, who owns Caravan in London. I went to the shop earlier this year but she was there and I felt awkward about asking to take photos. Now I have a record of the shop interior:

It's the kind of book I love, where every time you dip into it, you see something else fabulous. I thoroughly recommend it.

Images from this site.
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