Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Room Living

People often ask me how I can live in just one room with a bathroom out the back. You do have to be fairly tidy and organised, but the benefits of being able to lie in bed  with the water close by outweigh the disadvantages. I was please to find an online interview with designer Ellen O'Neill discussing her one-room apartment overlooking Gramercy Park in Manhattan. She says, "I just wanted a modern cubicle, where I could recline on a daybed and touch everything". Here is said daybed, decorated in black and white like the rest of the apartment:

Her space is larger than mine and includes an office area:

The floor is painted white. As O'Neill says, "I've always had painted floors — I use automotive paint. Brown floors depress me to death. And I knew from the start that I wanted a black-and-white palette. But just black and white can be too hard and cold, too optical. You need some creams and grays and sepias to ease you into a softer, gentler world and add a little romance".

I love the toile fabric screen and slip-covered chair:

O'Neill also has a house in Bridgehampton which is considerably larger, and decked out with red touches. She was formerly VP of Design for Ralph Lauren, as can be seen in her decorating style:

You can read the House Beautiful interview on the Bridgehampton house here:

I love the kitchen with its check painted floor:

I think I prefer the all-white bedroom below to the red and white one above:

The house can be rented out via this website
All images House Beautiful website.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Design Dilemma Solved

This week I decided to face a dilemma I've been putting off for a few years. This oil painting belonged to my husband's mother, and he has been wanting me to hang it for ages. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't really see a place for it on any wall I conjured up in my imagination:

He also confessed that some time ago he had trodden on and broken this lovely art deco mirror of his grandmother's, and wondered whether it was possible to hang it somewhere in this condition:

Fortunately my books and tear sheets came in handy because I realised that no matter what the individual disadvantages of the picture and mirror, it is possible to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. So we unearthed a few more artworks that had belonged to his mother and grandmother and, voila!, here it is - a wall of artworks diverse in style and medium but united by the theme of water:

I think they look much better than they would have individually, especially as they are in the house which belonged to his grandmother. We also picked some strelitzias and put them in one of her old vases:

Then I rehung the mirror which had originally been on the other wall. It looks so much better in its new location:

At last I can justify all the money I've spent on those books and magazines!

Is Anyone Else Loving Chrissie Jeffery's Home as Much As I Am?

As a longtime No Chintz shopper and fan of owner Chrissie Jeffery's interiors, I'm loving the latest Vogue Living feature on her Sydney home. And to add to the fun, the Vogue website juxtaposes the latest images with the apartment's previous incarnation in the magazine 6 years ago. This is the earlier article:

And here is how the home looks now:

The colour palate has changed from pinks and greens:

To predominantly blue tones. Some key pieces from the earlier shoot remain, such as the shelves in the dining room, but others have been altered, like the dining chairs which have been reupholstered and relocated:

The living room fireplace has undergone a change in colour, while the mirror above it remains, as do the two single armchairs:

The bedroom looks dramatically different, while retaining the chandelier and venetian mirror:

I uploaded images of the current magazine from the Vogue Living website, but unfortunately they are not able to be seen, so you'll have to buy a copy of the magazine.

Also, on the Vogue Living website you can participate in a survey as to which version of the apartment you prefer.

All images by Chris Court.
On another note, I've changed the look of my blog because I was a little bored with the header image. Hope you like it. x

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Cinderella Story

A few weeks ago I posted images of some items that I'd picked up at the local op shop and sent off to the upholsterer. Well, yesterday they were delivered and I was pleasantly surprised at the tranformation. This $50 chaise and ottoman:

Now look like this:

This poor old $20 armchair:

Has been transformed Cinderella-like into this:

These $2 retro bar stools:

Look very 70s St Tropez in fabric from Ici et La:

I think the red and black look very cosy snuggled together with the cold westerly blowing outside:

Also, the house above the boatshed is slowly being transformed from this:

To this:

Here is the street view:

Which now looks like this:

Quite an improvement don't you think? Now for some more winter projects to keep me occupied over the next few months.

Thanks Leah

Yesterday I went to a delicious lunch hosted by Leah of The Inside Story for her Home Atelier. Leah has fantastic taste, which is reflected in her home, the food, and the atelier itself:

Among my delightful fellow guests was another blogger, Carolyn of Desire Empire, who it was great to meet in person. One of the topics that came up at lunch was the idea that life is too short and that ideally it should always be about beautiful surroundings, good food and great company. Oh and champagne of course:

Thanks so much Leah for a little bit of grace and elegance on the south coast, and for an inspirational day.

The 'I'm Grateful' link supplied by Maxabella Loves

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chateau-Chic (with a touch of Coastal Industrial)

Here are some lovely buys I've found lately. This red cast iron cooking pot was at the op-shop for $5 last week. The enamel is slightly corroded, so it is now a fruit bowl:

This set of three white bowls cost less than $10, and has already been used every day:

Here is the fabric from Ici et La that I have chosen for my retro stools. They are at the upholsterer now:

I've also been shopping on-line from Pony Rider. The bird wall-spot on the left now joins the vintage bird print:

The black and white 'Blossoms' cushion is also from Pony Rider:

So is this 'Ribbons' design cushion:

And here is my seaside painting collection:

It's nice when you can finally say you have a 'look', even if it sounds a bit convoluted. 'Coastal Industrial Chateau-chic' - I like it!

This is my 300th Post, so I'd like to thank everyone who has been with me on this journey. I really appreciate your comments and the fact that you have hung in there, through the good times and bad. x

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boatshed Winter

As the days draw shorter, the wattle is flowering:

Its mimosa-like blossoms bringing a golden warmth to the boatshed:

It's time for welcoming visitors into the cosy warmth:

And for making pasta:

And baking cupcakes:

You gotta love winter!
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