Sunday, March 27, 2011

$3 Well Spent

Yesterday morning I made a quick visit to the local op shop and much to my surprise found this original Thonet chair. It has the label under the seat. And it only cost $2:

Two days ago I found these two original oil paintings:

They only cost 50 cents each. Less than a tube of paint. Now they form part of my oil painting collection (which admittedly two days ago consisted of one painting):

So, for the price of a cup of coffee, I now have some lovely additions to the boatshed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Now that I am committed to renovating my kitchen, I'm looking everywhere for ideas. These images are from a local vegetarian restaurant, Pilgrim's at Huskisson. I love the combination of mismatched timber tables, blue metal chairs, polished concrete floor and Ikea utensil holder:
The  industrial lighting against the pressed metal ceiling panels is gorgeous:

I love the stainless steel counters:

And the chalkboard and wooden blocks:

The burgers taste pretty good too.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kitchen Makeover Time

The time has come and I can't ignore it any longer. This kitchen needs a makeover. It's not in the boatshed but is in another house not too far away:

I have a few ideas which have been helped along by the latest Freedom catalogue. I love this stool:

And this chair:

I would love a kitchen island and this free-standing one with stainless steel benchtop would look great:

Especially with this pot rack above it:
I'll post my other ideas this week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fleur Wood at my Local Beach

I have long been an admirer of fashion designer Fleur Wood. I love going into her store in the Strand Arcade, Sydney, just so I can step into the dressing rooms which are cleverly concealed behind these glass display cases:

And I love the placement of these mirrors and ballerina prints in her Chatswood Chase store:

I even own this dress, although it doesn't look like this on me, unfortunately:

So I was thrilled to learn that Fleur has a book out, appropriately titled  Food Fashion Friends:

Yesterday my copy arrived, and is full of beautifully styled events such as this Hot House Tea party. Aren't the pastel peacock chairs gorgeous?

And I can't wait to cook this rhubarb meringue cake. The recipes are all included:

Here is the Citrus Tea, Lemon Cake with Earl Grey Icing and Coconut Ice:

This image is from a beautifully styled dinner with a shell theme, including sea urchin shells threaded with fairy lights:

A gorgeous Southern Highlands picnic:

And here is a modelling shoot at Hyams Beach, which is my closest beach:

I always knew Hyams was stunning, due to it having "the whitest sand in the world", and the shots in the book have really captured its beauty.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Lucky Day

I stopped in at the local op shop the other day and saw this lovely faded, hand-stitched, hand-quilted patchwork quilt for sale for $2. I was a bit worried they had stuck the wrong price on it as I expected to pay more.

When I took it to the counter the lovely lady said that because it was bit faded and tattered, she would give it to me for free. I guess the idea of shabby chic hasn't arrived in my town yet. I walked away very happy and have been spending a few relaxing hours patching the patches. What could be a better way to pass the day!

Why Can't The Boatshed Look Like This?

Wouldn't it be lovely if my bathroom looked like these ones?

Or if I could do this with just a few odd chairs?

Or put a curtain round a bed and make it look like this?
Or drape a quilt just so?

Or have a kitchen in this particular shade of Wedgewood blue?

But then I'd have to be Twig Hutchinson, the stylist known for her past work for Toast:
Well at least I can visit her website whenever I need something beautiful to look at:

First four images from Apartment Therapy

Last six from Leah-The Inside Story blog
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