Monday, March 31, 2008

Former Ugly Duckling

Found this table at an op shop a couple of weeks ago for $5. You would not believe how ugly it was. It had a patched wood-grain veneer top and the pedestal colour could only be described as 'tan'. I forgot to take a 'Before' shot, which is probably a blessing. It scrubbed up pretty well though. The only problem is that I now have three round white tables in the boatshed. I've definitly reached the limit. I know the theory is that, for every piece of vintage you take home, you should also divest yourself of one. But I fall in love with everything I bring home, so there's nothing I want to part with.

Material Pleasures

This is what I spent some of Sunday afternoon doing, while I was meant to be working on my thesis, writing about Barthes and the pleasure of the text. I pulled out my collection of baby overalls, hung them up and photographed them. While I don't have anyone in my life who can fit into them, I love them so much that I just collect them. I love the thickness and colours of the fabrics, and their sturdiness. One day, I'll be a grandma and some little people will look very cute in these.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Light Relief

I've been to a local Film Festival. Saw 6 films in about 28 hours. Am now emotionally drained from too much death, torture, suicide and violence (when I mention Into the Wild, Home Song Stories, La Vie En Rose and Black Book, those of you who've seen them will understand completely). I really enjoyed them, but now have a need for a little light relief. Luckily I've been saving some images of gorgeous rooms from Desire to Inspire during the recent past. So I'll post these and cheer myself up.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Locavore Dinner

Those who read my blog know that I try to reuse and recycle whenever I can. I've been reading about 'locavores' lately, i.e. people who consume local produce, and wondered how easy it would be to do that in this area. Here is the result:

I visited Tomerong Markets, which are held every third Saturday, and stocked up on some Greek antipasti made by a local lady, Sophie. I bought some sundried tomatoes, marinated olives, dolmades and taramasalata:

For the main course, I bought some locally-caught snapper, and made a salad with beans and pumpkin from Tomerong market, and rocket from our garden (It's about the only thing we've had success growing).

For dessert, there were figs also from the Market:

The only problem is that the markets are only held once a month, but I'm going to try and stock up as much as I can when they're on, and to eat more local seafood such as mussels.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Decorating Dilemma

What does one do when the reverse side of a newly-purchased cushion or pillow slip is as gorgeous as the front? I got this beautiful French pillow-slip for a great price in Sydney yesterday.

But I love the fabric on both sides equally.

I also picked up the fantastic cushions I ordered from Surf and Turf in Nowra. They have been made in a beautiful vintage fabric in colours that I love, and trimmed with black pom poms.

But the reverse side is made from a chenille with really cute buttons. (I'm starting to take a renewed interest in chenille lately).

So now you see my dilemma - so many gorgeous fabrics, so few cushions. I guess I'll just have to turn them over every couple of days.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Iris's Chair

After seeing Kim's post on Desire to Inspire about her gorgeous peacock chair, I thought maybe I should bring this one in from the cold. It's been languishing in the garage for ages and definitely looks a lot happier now. Thanks Kim for inspiring me!

Before and After

Here are some pieces of furniture I've picked up over the past few months and painted. I'm running out of space to put stuff, but I can't seem to stop. One thing I'm resolving to do is to try a colour other than white on my next acquisition. Should be interesting.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Window Dressing

Yesterday I decided to brighten up my bathroom window with a new curtain made from a scarf. It gives the impression of a framed artwork. Was it David Hicks who said everything looks better framed?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Chic Retreat Update

Here are some great photos of a great place to stay at Kangaroo Valley, not far from here. I particularly love the striped armchairs, wicker chairs and hide rug. Top and bottom photos from the site and middle one from the Willabrook website

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boathouse vs. Hither Hills Studio

I've just returned from a few days in Sydney, during which I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes - a trip to the bedlinen floor of David Jones. Imagine my surprise when I encountered a rather expensive throw cushion which appeared to be made from paint-spattered overalls and another apparently fashioned from patched denim. Further inspection revealed that these were from the Hither Hills Studio collection of Ralph Lauren Home from 2007. Sorry if this collection is 'so last year' to most people, but I've been living in a bit of a bubble up till now when it comes to design. Anyway, when I later looked at the collection on the website, I kind of liked the way it combines the rough bespattered and patched fabrics with a faded tea-stained floral, blue and white stripes, and natural materials such as wicker and leather. The video on the website is pretty cool too. The image below gives a limited impression of the look, and is from Apartment Therapy, which a few months ago asked for responses to the Hither Hills Studio collection, with mixed (generally unfavourable) reactions.

Another aspect of this collection I liked was the fact that it captured the kind of beachy atmosphere that I would like here in my boatshed (albeit on a massive budget which I don't have). The collection's blurb reads as follows: 'A weathered oceanfront retreat with an inviting, free-spirited vibe echoes its seaside surroundings with shades of indigo and a natural material palette'. What's not to like about the tufted sofa, leather chairs and wicker basket below?

Also, I was initially delighted to find a 'Boathouse' linen collection on the website as well, which I naturally thought would fit my boatshed aesthetic. However, I was quite dismayed to find that it combines a baby pink, a green gingham, a madras check, a chino and a beige floral in ways which I never want to see in my boatshed. And the cushion with the boathouse drawing? Yuk! For all its supposed staginess and preppy pretension, give me Hither Hills any day, Ralph.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reinterpretation of a Table

When I walked into the second-hand furniture shop a couple of weeks ago, this cane table called out to me to be rescued. As most people who've dropped into my blog are aware, I love reinterpreting furniture, but even I was appalled by the brown paint and the fact that the top had been covered with dirty old linoleum (who does that?)

So, two coats of paint later, here it is and I'm absolutely in love. Decorated with some other recent op shop finds such as a shell and some Johnson and Meakin china, along with some flowers from the garden, it's difficult to recognise that poor, sad old table.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Still Life

These exquisite rooms are from the March 08 edition of Harper's Bazaar (Australia). They are of fashionista Belinda Seper's home in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. I love the black-and-white painted floor, the wall colours, cushions and above all, the way the furniture in each room is 'composed', as it were, as if in a painting. The overall effect is eclectic and elegant.

Thanks to my lovely son, Tom for his scanning expertise.
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