Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dunk Island

Even though we are doing Queensland on a budget, while we were at Mission Beach we decided to go on a day-trip to Dunk Island for a taste of the resort experience. Our trip was on a catamaran from Clump Point Jetty (ours is the smaller one). The trip to the island was $46 per person for the return trip:

The island from the boat:

We wanted to be able to visit the resort, so we paid $40 each for a Resort Day Pass which included use of the pool and a two-course lunch. The resort is certainly very nice:

The pool could do with being larger and having a few sun-lounges around it:

The main resort building from the water:

I wouldn't recommend the day pass as it was not good value for money. We didn't bother with the pool as it was crowded with kids on school holidays. We had thought we could have a two-course lunch in the resort, but the restaurant only opens for dinner. The only options are a noodle bar or the Jetty Cafe. We chose the latter, where the Fisherman's Basket was valued at $22:

While the beach was quite pretty, once the tide went out it was another story:

So much for the resort experience. I wouldn't have liked to be on there for a week with children. I think Asia provides better value. Au revoir, Dunk Island:

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