Saturday, July 18, 2009


We're in Townsville now, staying at the Ibis. At $107 per night with full breakfast, it's great value, although the view's not terrific. we don't mind because when we step outside we're in a street full of great cafes and restaurants:

The decor is predictably Ibis, which is a welcome change from frangipanis:

We just walk over this bridge to access the rest of town:

Isn't this gorgeous? You can see Magnetic Island through the palms:

This is my favourite building. It reminds me of the French Riviera:

Townsville has a distinct tropical feel with 25 degree temperatures. I really love the combination of stately old Victorian buildings and lush green foliage. This park runs between the Strand and the waterfront. The rotunda is particularlybeautiful:

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