Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fabulous Food

One of the mysteries of Cairns is why this weekend I've seen so many people sitting in fast food establishments on the Esplanade when only a few blocks away, they could be experiencing some fantastic, healthy and yummy food. Rusty's undercover markets, open from Friday to Sunday, have excellent local and organic produce:

You can also find some new age touches:

But what I love most is the great range of prepared food which is generally sold by the people who've made it, and at very reasonable prices. For $2.50 you can have a cup of delicious sugar cane juice:

It is made by feeding the cane through a juicer with the juice of a tamarind. The taste is unbelievably good:

You can also find stalls which sell handmade spring rolls, dim sims, samosas or empanadas for only a dollar or two:

There are many foods from Asian and Pacific countries such as Samoa, the Philippines and Thailand. One thing I really enjoyed was sticky rice with banana or taro, wrapped in a banana leaf. Gorgeous!:

These fresh prawn rice paper rolls had little plastic bags with sauce and peanuts to go with them:

This sundried tomato tapenade went well with the pesto bread, but the bread tasted great on its own too:

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