Friday, July 31, 2009

Hervey Bay - My Favourite So Far

Another special place we revisited on the homeward journey is Clairview, where I had bought home-made passionfruit slice and tomato relish on the way up. The ladies who make and sell them also have second-hand books and clothing as well as craft items. I loved the slice and relish so much I had to call in for more on the way back, as well as some walnut cake and coconut ice. There's nothing like home-made cakes and preserves:

After a few hours driving south, we arrived at Hervey Bay, where we are staying at the Breakfree Great Sandy Straits Resort for $90 per night:

This price represents spectacular value. We pre-booked a 2 for 3-night deal with Stella Resorts, the central booking agent for Peppers, Mantra and Breakfree. The apartment is stunning, with a full kitchen, lounge room and even a spa:

This is the view from the spa, looking out through the glass wall to the lounge room and then the ocean outside:

Here is the view back into the spa, showing the excellent kitchen. It is the first one we've stayed in that has a coffee plunger:

We can walk down from the room onto this gorgeous beach with its view of Fraser Island:

There's also a pool:

There's nothing like a glass of wine at the end of the day:

From our room yesterday evening we saw dolphins swimming by, and some yoga on the beach:


figtree kush said...

I don't know what was more exciting to see -the cassowary family or the headless yoga guy! Doing very well finding lovely places to stay and great photos.

Iris said...

Good grief, this looks gorgeous! I am absolutely going to go here (possibly minus the yoga-pro moves) :-)

beth said...

As endangered species go, I think the yoga guy wins. Surely he can't keep that up much longer (literally).

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