Monday, October 22, 2012

Nanna Chic

I've always had a soft spot for Grandma Chic. I guess it's because I had such lovely grandmothers. I don't like too much of it because I can feel a little bit overwhelmed but I'm always interested in touches here and there, reinterpreted in fresh ways. I recently went to a bar in Sydney called, appropriately, Grandma's bar, a "retrosexual haven of cosmopolitan kitsch and faded granny glamour". I couldn't have said it bettter myself. It's tiny and a little like being in your grandmother's lounge room. There is a lot of paraphenalia like crocheted knee rugs and these cute canisters:

Retro pictures are artfully arranged:

This stag's head looks great against the lemon wallpaper:

Also, a few weeks ago, on our food pilgrimage through Victoria, we came across a lovely little inn called the Merrijig in Port Fairy on the Great Ocean Road. The food at the restaurant was delicious, and I also loved the retro, nanna touches, like cushion covers made from vintage tea towels:

Ceramic butterflies recycled from old china:

A cute idea was this cup, saucer and plate set with a tealight candle inside:

And a gorgeous apple green metal bed in our attic room:


Unknown said...

love those butterfly plates- how cool!

Naturally Carol said...

Cool stuff Beth! In our town we have a cafe that is called the 'brown jug' and it collects brown jugs. I don't think it intends to be retro though..I think it has been collecting brown jugs from the time it opened in the seventies..hehe! Unwittingly it has become retro and supercool just by lasting so long..isn't that funny?

Bohemian said...

'Faded Granny Glamour!" I Love that Phrase!!! Anyone whose ever had a Glam Granny {which I certainly did} can appreciate that Aesthetic.

A Bohemian Gramma from the Arizona Desert... Dawn

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